big-sexy-hairBig Sexy Hair is part of the Sexy Hair Concepts family of products, which also includes Curly Sexy, Healthy Sexy, Straight Sexy, Short Sexy, Silky Sexy, and Simply Sexy. Each line works with a specific hair condition or type to maximize its appeal while minimizing the hassle to create the best styles.

Founded by hair styling sensation and two time world champion stylist Michael O’Rourke, the Sexy Hair product family was first introduced as Ecoly International in 1992. O’Rourke drew on his years of experience in South Africa to formulate products with wide appeal and in 2000 he re-branded the lines under the Sexy Hair label, a move that drew instant success.

His philosophy is to create and market products that encourage a reaction, and the idea of “sexy” styles is one of the most successful campaigns in hair styling today. In fact, Katharine McPhee from American Idol became the company’s spokesperson in July 2006, creating a commercial partnership with tremendous appeal for trendy and stylish hair.

Big Sexy Hair products, in particular, work to create full, thick hair with maximum volume without being weighted down or stiff from chemical enhancements. The tag line, “it’s always better when it’s bigger” epitomizes the products’ philosophy of big hair that is simultaneously appealing and attractive.